Monday, December 10, 2012

Tour of Our Home

I cleaned yesterday.  So, since this is pretty much the cleanest my house will be I decided to take a few pictures of our house to show you all.

First, I couldn't take pictures of the house and not have a Christmas tree picture...
We bought this tree at the PX in October after we got here.  It is pretty small, but since we don't have a lot of room for a tree, it works good for our 3 Christmases that we are in Korea.  I love to watch TV in the evenings with the Christmas tree lights on, so the tree is in the TV room.

Here is the entrance to the house.  Since we live on an Army base it is an unspoken rule that all Marine families proudly display a MC flag. 

This is the view into the house when you first walk in the front door.
The first door on the right is our TV room, the second door on the right is our kitchen and it opens up into our living room and dining room.
The doors on the left are some storage and our furnace.

Entry way:
The Koreans take their shoes off before they enter the house, so there is always a place for some shoe storage right when you enter the home.
The TV room:
Walking into the house the first door on the right is the TV room.  It also has a scrapbook desk in it that I can sit at.
 The massive bean bag sac made the trip to Korea.  We were not sure whether to bring it or not because it take up a lot of space, but we are glad we did.  All 4 of us can easily fit on that thing.  The sac is facing  the TV and the Christmas tree is beside the TV.
Behind the screen is my scrapbooking desk and supplies.  To the left is an opening to the kitchen.

The kitchen:

This picture is from the kitchen looking into the TV room.

The Living Room and Dining Room:
 Walking straight into the house you come to the dining room/kitchen table.  This is where we eat all our meals.  This picture is standing at the table looking into the living room.

This picture is taken from the computer desk.  The hall to the left leads back to the bedrooms and bathrooms.  On the right is an enclosed porch.

The Porch:

We actually have 2 porches just like this.  This one we obviously use for working out.  I didn't take a picture of the other porch, which is right off the the master bedroom, because it is where I store my obscene amount of shoes and it is also where we keep any thing we don't know what to do with.  It is sort of our collect all spot.

The Hallway:
The hallway is directly opposite of the kitchen and right off the dining room.  The "beautiful" accordion door at the end of the hallway to the left is my laundry room and the door to the right is the girls' bathroom.  If you turn left you see the girls rooms and right is the master bedroom.

The Girls Rooms:
This is the first time since Lucy has been born that the girls are not sharing a room. We let them pick out the theme for their rooms.   Taylor choose zebra print with hot pink accents and Lucy choose hot pink, purple and orange flower power. 
Taylor's room:
Looking into Taylor's room from the hallway.

Her homework area at the end of her bed.

On the other side of her bed.
Lucy's room:
Looking into Lucy's room from the hallway.
Standing beside the bed.
The wall opposite her bed.
 The Girl's Bathroom:
Probably the biggest drawback of this house for me is that the girls' bathroom is the same as the guest bathroom.  Other mothers always tell me how dirty boys are, well let me tell you little girls are very dirty too.  I have so much trouble keeping this bathroom cleaned up and guest ready.

I didn't take any pictures of the master bedroom because it is just a plain white room with a bed and a dresser.  Not exciting at all.  There is another bathroom off the master bedroom that Russ and I use.

This concludes the tour of our small home.  Now that I have put a picture of pretty much every room on the internet for anyone to see, I hope I don't attract any unwanted visitors.

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